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Raven Mercury

Come and play with me as we indulge your darkest fantasies together. Let me make you melt under my touch and squirm under my control. I will transport you to new plateaus of pleasure, the likes of which you could never possibly conjure and, whenever I deem fit, I will send you crashing back down to earth, a puddle of relief and thanks on the floor of my dungeon. You will give yourself to me and in turn I will intuit the depths of your depravity, my fingers carefully mapping out the path to your undoing. When I have you where I want you, completely helpless, gasping and begging for more, perhaps, if you’ve been good, I’ll let you meet my eye and offer you a coy smile. And in that moment you’ll know that it was all worth it.

I am a carnal seductress of the highest order; creative, compassionate and precise. You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands when you enter my world of play, but be warned that you’re also at the total mercy of these hands too. I can be frighteningly sadistic if I deem it fit and if you offend me I will make certain that I revel in your misery. I also delight in unlocking my playful side, gently teasing you until you’re totally wrapped around my wicked little finger. My sessions are intense but very safe and once you open yourself and give your trust to me, the results will take your breath away. I get a thrill out of injecting intimacy into your suffering, offering a closeness and warmth that envelops your mind as well as your body.

With porcelain skin, a slim figure and a perfect arse. While my beauty draws you in, my acerbic wit will hold you in check as we come to understand each other and I finally allow you to indulge in my one of a kind style of sexual domination. My sessions are catered just for you and I demand to get just as much satisfaction out of them as you do. If you can promise to be open and responsive then you will learn to embrace your true self as I enter your psyche and we explore the dark and thorny side of life together.

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